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bemit Open-Source Libraries


Open Source libraries and tools provided by bemit, from frontend styling over form generation to backend modules and middleware frameworks.

Libraries can be used independently, free of charge with source code available at GitHub.

Get free support in each GitHub project or open a support request for individual help or just some feedback.


UI Generation, JSON-Schema, ReactJS

UI and Form generator for React using JSON-Schema, build around a powerful widget system.

For any design system, first-class support for Material UI, easily create own widgets and plugins.


Style Library, Sass/Scss, CSS

Mini CSS Framework with modular Sass files, especially made for AMP!

Size: 41KB (gzip ~8KB) - or only 24KB without responsive spacings!

Create AMP Page

Static-HTML Generator, AMP HTML or PWA enhanced

Generator library to build static HTML pages and tools, using Twig templates, with support for AMP valid HTML or with ReactJS/TS build tools for PWA enhanced pages.

Create a static site generator with the starter repositories, wire up multiple pages and their content collections. Use CI and TDD tools for professional development - and publishing production-optimized pages.

Includes gulp integrations for media optimizer, Sass, Frontmatter and more.


Icon Picker, Icon API, ReactJS, Microservice

Open-Source Icon API and Picker, with ReactJS components for Material-UI.

API with pluggable icon providers, ready to host on e.g. Google Cloud Functions, has ready to use Docker images.


PHP PSR Framework, PHP Middlewares

Easy to use Event & Middleware Framework, powered by popular micro-libraries and based on PSRs.

Ready to assemble mini-framework, using PSR compliant libraries where possible, with ready-to-use Annotations, event listener / dispatcher, CLI, Routing and not much more.

Simplified file structure for microservices and optimized for code cross-usage with Mezzio and any other pure PSR-15, PSR-11 based frameworks.

PHP Libraries

Lib Packages, plain PHP

Small packages to make the developer life easier.

  • GitHub PHP DynamoDB Service class, with item <> data converters.
  • GitHub auth middleware to support multi tenants and multi services for user to identify & authorize against
  • GitHub Orbiter\AnnotationUtil, helper for Doctrine\Annotations, with cached reflections.